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Everything we do, we do to help children in the local community. To do this, we have set three main goals:

1. To mitigate the effects of poverty

2. To improve social inclusion

3. To improve emotional resilience


To achieve these goals we work in schools and in the local community,

implementing schemes and projects, helping young people reach their potential

by helping them access extra-curricular activities, advice and guidance.

In schools, we work to identify vulnerable young people who are under

the Pupil Premium scheme (a scheme which aims to reduce inequalities

between disadvantaged children and their peers) or young people with

emotional and social barriers to learning. For example, we work at Acland

Burghley School, where our Youth Development Manager supports some

of the most vulnerable pupils by providing intervention during the term

time and in the holidays. Intervention ranges from individual and

family support to organising suitable holiday activities to inspire

them to reach their full potential both in school and in their

communities. And in the communities, we target hard-to-reach

groups, such as homeless young people. We ensure we

collaborate with other organisations

and social workers so we are not simply re-inventing the wheel

but making the most of everyone’s areas of expertise.

A passion for life

We support children and young people to find and follow their dreams

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