Who We are

The team

The AWTF team consists of:

  • Alexandra’s parents, Lindsey and Rob Wylie
  • The Youth Development Manager, Claudia Coussins
  • Our magnificent team of volunteers
  • Our amazing Patrons


We couldn’t do the work we do without the commitment, dedication and passion of our volunteers. Many of our volunteers were some Allie’s closest friends from school and from ice-skating at Alexandra Palace. Others give up their precious time to support the charity as part of their Duke of Edinburgh project. We also have so many friends and contacts in the local community who are so generous with their time, effort and knowledge. We really couldn’t do what we do without them.


Lisa Abrahmsohn:

Being involved with AWTF and watching how it has grown from its conception has been so rewarding. Lindsey, who drives it with passion and conviction, is unique and an inspiration to us all – steering us towards the goal of helping as many young people as we can in the challenging world of today and keeping Alexandra’s legacy dignified and relevant.

Michelle Collins:

In the 21st century, it is ridiculous that so many children in London should find themselves in a Dickensian world of deprivation. What I enjoy so much about AWTF is that it really tries to pass on Allie’s passion for life (the charity’s) tag line) to other people.

Ben Goldsmith:

I knew Alexandra form when she was a little girl and am proud to be associated with the AWTF which brings so much happiness in her name to so many people.

Juliet Stevenson:

As part of the invisible poor in this country, many thousands of London’s children go hungry, have nowhere to play, come from dysfunctional families, suffer abuse, deprivation and neglect. The AWTF, founded and run by the extraordinarily dedicated and resourceful Lindsey Wylie, seeks out such children and brings many kinds of help and support to them. I have been involved with the charity form the outset, and have witnessed the integrity, passion, dedication and efficiency with which it is run. I am really proud to be a patron.

A passion for life

We support children and young people to find and follow their dreams

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